JOAAO Powerpad I Wireless Charging Pad, Ultra-Slim Wireless Charger Optimized for iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus Compatible with Any Qi-Enabled Device

Quick Charging Capacity with Wireless Convenience
Charge your phone at the speed of convenience with this wireless 9V charger and a high energy conversion of an electric quantity concentration. Our superior charging efficiency is more that 76% allowing you to replenish your smartphone’s battery quicker than ever before.

Highly Compatible
Our wireless charger is in compliance with WPC QI standards so any phone that is QI capable and has the QI charging receiver can be charged on this charging station. This compliance ensures the safety and protection of your smart devices electrical component for its duration on the charger. Charge quicker, safely. This wireless charger is compatible with any smart device that is QI ready including iPhones as well as Samsung and LG smartphones.

Take back your time with the ultra powerful, slimline wireless charging station by JOAAO, and regain your freedom from wired charging!
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